Tutorial: How to buy a domain name with Hover and host a website with Carrd

Every website needs a host and a domain name. If you've been following my other posts about getting a website set up, you might have seen my tutorial on setting up a website with carrd, and my other tutorial on buying a domain name with Hover. Now it's time to put it all together!

Quick aside: I realize that sometimes my tech tips gloss over a lot of the details. Most people just want to click the right buttons to make their website work, but they don't really care how it works. If you're the type of person that likes to learn the inner workings, you might want to check out this video I made explaining DNS. It's a pretty neat concept once you understand it.

Ok, time for the final step. Assuming you already have a website with Carrd and a domain name with Hover (or honestly, this will work with any domain registrar and hosting company), here's a video showing how to update the DNS records so that your domain actually points at your website.

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