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Here's a collection of all my posts about running a small business:

Sococo review - How we set up our business's remote office
Sococo allows businesses to create a virtual office for remote employees, but its success comes down to how you use it.
The buying journey: TOFU → MOFU → BOFU
Most products aren't purchased impulsively. Deciding to buy something is a journey, and your marketing needs to appeal to people at different stages of that journey.
The enough number: What motivates you after you have enough?
In the early stages, every business needs to be focused on becoming profitable. But what happens once you have enough?
Entrepreneur vs. CEO
Every founder struggles with the transition from entrepreneur. This post examines what the two roles are, and how you move from one to the other.
If you have to compete with Lebron James, don't do it in basketball
Small businesses often try to mimic the business practices of large corporations which sets them up for a competition they can't win.
Replacing the water cooler: How we make remote culture work
Life changed for everyone in 2020 when the pandemic forced us to go remote. Here’s what Less Annoying CRM did to keep the company culture strong even without in-person interactions.
The technological divide - Why small businesses are struggling to compete, and what we can do about it
Technology has been driving business growth, but the vast majority of the gains are going to giant corporations. What can small businesses do to thrive in this ever-changing world?
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